Welcome to Grok Cyber

Grok Cyber is an exciting free cyber security competition for Australian school students, starting in May 2021

Get involved

All Australian school students in years 5 to 12 are welcome to take part in Grok Cyber, a free cyber security competition.

Register as a school team or join Grok Cyber from home.

Grok Cyber has 3 parts: Grok Cyber Comp, Grok Cyber Pursuit and Grok Cyber Live.

Grok Cyber Pursuit is Live Now

Grok Cyber Comp runs over a four week period from 31 May 2021. Students complete a 45 minute online challenge any time over the four weeks. 
Grok Cyber Pursuit consists of a series of scavenger hunt problems solved online applying cyber security skills between July and September. Challenging problems for keen students. 
Grok Cyber Live brings together the best of cyber security industry professionals and students at an action packed event taking place in November 2021.
Grok Cyber is brought to you with the support of our partners.


Answers to all your questions about Grok Cyber Pursuit and Grok Cyber Comp can be found here.

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