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  2. request teacher verification
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What is Grok Academy?

Grok Academy is a not for profit organisation. It is the union of the Australian Computing Academy (ACA) and Grok Learning. Both organisations had been working together for years with many of the ACA resources hosted on the Grok Learning platform. Due to our common goals and values around coding and Digital Technologies education, it was an obvious next step to have both organisations unite to form one organisation. This is an example of the whole being so much more than the sum of its parts, together we can do more, and be more, than we could apart.

Mission Statement

At Grok Academy, our mission is to educate all learners in transformative computing skills, knowledge and dispositions, empowering them to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of the future.

To us, computing encompasses basic digital literacy through to advanced computer science and related disciplines, and the application of these skills across all disciplines.

Grok Academy provides resources, online courses and competitions, teacher workshops, curriculum guidance and general advice for all teachers of digital technologies.

Learning Platform

On the Learning Platform you will find all our courses and competitions. This includes:

  • DT Challenges - courses directly aligned to the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.
  • Schools Cyber Security Challenges - courses teaching cyber security skills and introducing cyber security careers for primary and high school students.
  • Courses for students of all levels and in a variety of programming languages, including Python, Scratch, Blockly, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SQL, BBC micro:bit and more.
  • Competitions - Grok Academy runs four competitions per year, where students learn to code as they go along. The NCSS Challenge runs in February/March and July/August and teaches Python while Web.Comp runs in May/June and October/November and teaches HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Curriculum Guidance

Grok Academy has curriculum experts on the team, including authors of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, so we are perfectly positioned to help you understand the requirements of the Curriculum.

Our Unpack the Curriculum page breaks down the key concepts in the curriculum and provides guidance for each band level. 

Teaching Resources

Grok Academy has a range of teaching resources created by our education experts. We have DT@Home which is a series of unplugged activities covering key Digital Technologies topics that students can complete away from a computer. We also have a range of resources (webinars, articles, posters and more) designed to support teachers in their professional learning or as teaching aids as well as a blog.

Professional Development

Verified teachers are able to use the online courses and competitions for their own professional development, completely free of charge. 

We have frequent webinars and in-person workshops (subject to Covid-19 restrictions) for teachers covering a wide variety of Digital Technologies topics.

Please contact us if you are looking for speakers, writers or presenters for upcoming professional development activities you are planning.

Higher Education

Grok Academy provides a cutting-edge platform for online learning in a tutorial like environment for universities and professional organisations. Students learn at their own pace, receiving detailed feedback about their progress from our intelligent auto-marking system.  Lecturers and tutors can see their students' progress, interact with them in our live chat or forums, and download learning metrics to evaluate their course.  

To discuss how Grok Academy can support your organisation please get in touch.


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