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8 February, 2021


The NCSS Challenges starts on Monday 15 Feb! The challenge is 5 weeks long and runs twice a year. The Term 1 cycle offers Newbies, Beginner and Intermediate skill level courses. Advanced is only offered in Term 3 (July). For more information on streams, including which programming style they teach and curriculum alignment details, click here.

The Term 1 NCSS Challenge ( and all of the Grok Learning competitions ) is open to all students at schools with full Grok Access.. 

They are competitions in name but educational courses in nature, with expert tutors available online to help guide students to solutions and encourage them to keep going. The challenge aims to introduce students to coding in an open, informative environment where students are encouraged to ask for help. 

27 January, 2021

Request a quote and get a free 3 week trial

Verified teachers can use our Get a Quote system in your teacher dashboard to request a quote tailored to your school's unique needs. As a bonus for using our new quote system, you will receive a 21 day free trial.

If you're not yet a verified teacher, we recommend that you start by registering for a teacher account with Grok. Once you create your free account you can request verification, which will provide you with free access to all of the courses and competitions on the Grok platform, together with access to solutions, teacher notes and our dashboard to assign courses to students and monitor their progress. Verification involves one of our team contacting your school to confirm your employment.

At the end of the trial, if you wish to continue using Grok, just confirm the quote and your students' access will stay active. If you do not confirm the quote, access will end after the three week trial and you will not be charged.


9th November, 2020

Introducing Grok Academy - Live with James Curran
Time: 8:30pm Sydney Time
Venue: Facebook Live Video

Our CEO, A/Prof James Curran will be hosting a live online video tonight at 8:30pm Sydney time to talk about all things Grok Academy. Join us to learn about the journey to where we are today. There will also be plenty of opportunity to ask questions, so come prepared with any burning questions you want answered!

9th November, 2020

Hello, World!
Grok Academy is live! Welcome to our news page where we will update with all the latest news and information on Grok Academy and our activities.

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