2021 Pricing

We are still finalising some aspects of this new pricing model. Below is the pricing information for Australian and New Zealand schools. We will have pricing for international schools shortly.

If you need an exact price for your 2021 budget now, please contact us at support@groklearning.com and we can put a quote together for you.

What does a subscription include?

An all-access subscription gives students access to all the Grok Learning and Australian Computing Academy courses and competitions on the platform. This includes courses suitable for students from Year 3 upwards in a variety of languages, and four annual competitions. To see the courses we have on offer browse our Launchpad. To learn more about our competitions, visit our Upcoming Competitions page.

Pricing Details

Whole-school Access Model

All schools will have whole school access, a.k.a. site licences. Everyone in your school can get started straight away, vastly simplifying registration and access for your students. We will charge you based on your expected usage, reducing the admin load for you (and us). No more adding and paying for extra students one at a time!

If your school uses Grok more than expected, we will discuss adjusted pricing for the following year. You can have the current extras for free! We want to make it easy for everyone (especially your colleagues) to give coding (and Grok) a go.

Pricing Bands

Due to availability of time to teach Digital Technologies in the classroom, we recognise that some year levels are able to make better use of Grok than others. For example, Digital Technologies is compulsory in many schools for years 7 and 8, but it is often only taught for a limited number of hours each year. So we are introducing pricing bands to reflect the amount of time we believe students will have to access Grok. We hope this provides more affordability and value for students.

Below are the costs for full-year subscriptions across the school grades: (these costs are valid for both AUD and NZD; international pricing coming soon).

Semester and yearly Subscriptions

To support schools that teach Digital Technologies on a term or semester basis, e.g. for tech rotations in Years 7–8, we offer semester pricing for 6-month only access. To avoid confusion, semester and yearly access will finish at the end of the school year, rather than from the purchase date.

Bulk Discounts

To make it affordable for schools to use Grok widely across year levels and subjects, we offer bulk discounts. The more students you sign up, the cheaper the cost per student becomes. 

To find out the exact pricing for your school, contact us to get a quote. As always, if your students or school are in financial hardship, we don't want your students to miss out, so please contact us so we can work out a price that is suitable for you.

Discount for DT Challenge Users

For schools that previously used the DT Challenges without purchasing Grok subscriptions, welcome to Grok! We have a 50% introductory discount for Years 3–8 in 2021 just for you. Contact us to confirm your discount.

Free Access for Teachers

Verified teachers get free access to the Grok Learning courses and content including solutions and teacher notes. Teachers are also able to use the courses for their own professional development. Many of our courses are accredited with NESA and come with certificates of completion for teachers in other states.

Free Resources for Students

Through the generous support of our industry sponsors, the Schools Cyber Security Challenges will continue at no cost to schools. Grok’s Hour of Code activities are also free, as are the ACA's unplugged activities, e.g. DT@home and Unpacking the Curriculum guide along with recordings of the ACA webinar series.
If you have any questions or would like a tailored quote for your school send us an email: support@groklearning.com
ABN 31 643 542 054